Hypnotherapy  – Partner with your unconscious

Hypnosis is gentle, guided inner work done in a relaxed and focused state usually with eyes closed.  This state is called "trance."  By shifting into trance, we enter a state in which we are more in touch with unconscious processes.  It is a state where deep learning, healing, and change are more available.   There are 3 general areas in which I use hypnotherapy:


1)  Habit & Behavior Change

2)  Mind-body Relief

3)  Emotional and Psychological Healing and Growth

1.  Habit & Behavior change: 

Stop smoking:  3 sessions total.  The first 2 sessions are focused on laying a foundation and learning strategies.  The 3rd session is the hypnosis, and it is scheduled on the day (or day after) your last cigarette.  I then give you a 15 minute self-hypnosis recording for daily practice for 2 weeks and offer 2 calls for support and problem solving. 

Eliminate unwanted habits 5-7 sessions total.  The process is a combination of counseling and cognitive-behavioral and hynosis strategies.  

Prepare for public speaking:  3 sessions prior to event.  The process involves a combination of practical strategies, hypnotically embodying the relaxed and confident state, and practicing accessing this state while rehearsing your talk. 

2.  Mind-body relief:  

Reduce IBS symptoms:  8 sessions total.  I offer a research-validated medical hypnosis protocol that combines 7 hypnosis sessions and home self-hypnosis practice to create long-term reduction in symptoms.  Read more about this specialty here: .   

Reduce and manage chronic pain:   8 sessions total.  I educate you about recent advances in our understanding of chronic pain and the ways hypnosis can help.  I offer hypnosis experiences to help reduce the pain and teach you to reduce and manage it more on your own so you can reclaim more of your life.     

3.  Emotional healing and psychological growth:  hypnosis can be a very helpful addition to the processes of counseling and psychotherapy.  It can help one heal from the past and change negative life patterns in the present.  It can help un-trigger your triggers, work with an inner critic, reduce anxiety, and help you realize your goals.


Labyrinth+greenA little more info about hypnosis:  

It is important to know that when I work with you in trance, you can shift out of it whenever you want.  You remain aware and in control.  It is a deeply respectful and entirely collaborative process.  I think of hypnotherapy as a way of developing an active, constructive and creative partnership with our deeper selves and a larger intelligence within us.